Shane Vitarana
Shane has over 20 years of experience as a software engineer and entrepreneur, and has built some well-known apps such as TED and Drum Kit. He led the engineering team at TruStory, building the first social proof-of-stake blockchain on Cosmos. He has a dual B.S in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, and an M.S in Electrical Engineering.

Jake Hartnell
Experienced co-founder, skilled in Product Management, Design, and Software Engineering. Previously: Sensei, Common Garden, UC Berkeley E.E.C.S,, and Climate Feedback.

Jorge Hernández
B.S in Systems Engineering and Computer Science. Former blockchain and backend infrastructure engineer at TruStory.

Mohit Mamoria
Self-taught programmer; founded two companies; delivered 100+ talks explaining blockchain in simple language; author of “WTF is Blockchain?” Former blockchain engineer at TruStory.


Rick Dudley, CEO at Vulcanize
Rick has over 15 years of experience as an architect and consultant, and has created several well-known blockchain architectures since 2014. He specializes in mechanism design with a focus on federated proof of stake consensus systems.

Jack Zampolin
Jack is a product strategist and developer relations advisor to several Proof-of-Stake blockchain projects. Fresh off of shipping the Cosmos Hub, Jack is currently focused on realizing IBC and advancing projects in the Cosmos ecosystem.